Ok people here it is…”Our Story” (The Canadians)

It was another cold November day in Canada and winter has started. My husband and I thought we would do something different for Christmas 2011 and had booked a trip to Costa Rica. A trip we usually did between January-April. We had been travelling to CR for a few years to break up the long cold winters so it was a familiar place…a second home, a home away from home. Hmmm…and the wheels started turning.

Voila!! A “second home” it became…permanently and very quickly I might add!!

liisa and steve from costaricatrip.org

Liisa & Steve

With our holiday already booked and only 3wks until departure, we made a spur of the moment decision. We packed up and sold everything. Took over a restaurant and so began the “El Pescador Restaurant & Beach Club”

It’s now 2 years later and we are starting this new website “costaricatrip.org” with our german friends. While living in a foreign country it has its plus and minuses. We are here to help minimize if not eliminate the minuses. YOU have an advantage that we didn’t…”Us”

Us being my husband Steve and myself (Liisa). We are a couple of honest Canadians that when we moved down here hit many bumps along the way because we didn’t have a “GO TO PERSON” to lead us in the right direction and help us make the right choices. Unfortunately we have been taken advantage of like many other tourists and or new expats. We have been given the “Gringo” price way too many times and sent on tours that were not so good and charged way too much. That alone can make your experience not so pleasant and take that warm fuzzy feeling you had when you 1st stepped off the plane and squish it.

With trial and error and now experience we can help you plan your trips activities from hotels/B&B, restaurants, tours, activities, and even drivers. Just ask and we will make our recommendations. We want your Costa Rica experience to be what it should be…Memorable…but memorable in a good way!!

If the men want to go fishing and the women want to go to go to the mud baths and hot springs…we can help.

Since living here 1 of the biggest compliments we have received from tourists from all over the world is “TRUST THE CANADIANS” That has been said to us numerous times and THAT is what gives us a warm fuzzy feeling! Knowing we can and will do our best to give our honest opinion to help you.

And now the Germans:

Our adventure began in Costa Rica in 2009. My husband Thomas and I wanted out of the usually cold Germany. We didn’t know exactly where we wanted to emigrate at this time but we knew that it would be a country where it’s hot and Spanish is spoken.

So we booked our first Spanish course. Since we both had never been to Costa Rica, we chose a school in Costa Rica to learn Spanish. Typical German, thoroughly planned.

gaby and thomas

Gaby + Thomas

There were 3 very stressful months. We worked for 10 years in the Internet Marketing business and we were able to do this anywhere in the world. From morning to noon, we had worked, then we went to school in the afternoons. It was followed by four hours of teaching, then homework. The weekend we spent at the beach and learned vocabulary and grammar. We were exhausted, but the slogan of our Spanish teachers was: “Espanol es muy facil”. Not at all!

Of course, we made time to look at a little bit of the country. After 4 weeks in Costa Rica, we knew we wanted to pitch our tents here. Back in Germany we sold our home and everything we owned. 8 months later, we arrived back here. In the luggage we had only our tools (laptops), a few summer clothes and our cat. That was almost exactly 4 years ago. We now know that the sun does not always shine in Costa Rica. The many difficult situations we had to overcome. I could write a book about it.

We got to know Steve and Liisa 2 years ago. The two had taken over the restaurant “El Pescador”. The restaurant on the beach where we always drank our beer when we came back from the beach walks with our dogs and still do today.

One day we got into a conversation with Steve and so began this business. We designed its new website. Some time ago, he told us that he would want to recommend his experiences with tours that he has made in Costa Rica, and if we wanted to work with him: to create the site for Costa Rica trips. Sure, that’s what we wanted to do also.

Steve and Liisa have already made many trips to Costa Rica and know the good and the bad providers. Our common goal is now to offer all travelers the good Trips: Only trips that we have made ourselves and we can recommend with good conscience.