Best fishing in Costa Rica

Snook, giant marlin, sailfish, fire ray hardly a fish that does not exist in Costa Rica. Are mainly caught herring fish, sailfish, grouper, snapper, marlin and sea bass. River fishing, or deep-sea fishing in Costa Rica, everything is possible. That’s why it is one of the world’s most popular destinations for anglers.

Sport Fishing Hotels

In Costa Rica there are even features sport fishing hotels where the passionate anglers prefer meeting. 

The Inshore Fishing, fishing near the coast, is the best way to get the jacks sought Nematistus pectoralis or the Rooster Fish on the hook.

best fishing in costa rica

Best Fishing in Costa Rica

If you want big fish, must venture out on the open sea. This Costa Rica deep sea offers anglers a great infrastructure. Both coasts lend themselves constantly and weight records will be broken. The conditions are dependent on the season, wind, weather and currents. If you want to understand the described by Hemingway battle between the old man and the sea, has to be taken in Costa Rica probably the best chance of a big marlin.

On the Caribbean coast, the Barra del Colorado is the exclusive capital of sport fishing. But this is only accessible by plane. The journey will be rewarded with mackerel, barracuda, pike, etc.

 In the South Pacific and on the Osa Peninsula, Golfito recommend are on one side of the Golfo Duce and Puerto Jimenez on the other as a starting point for sport fishing. Both places are extremely popular with anglers.

In the central Pacific, fishing is mainly in the area around Manuel Antonio and Punta Leona.

 Also on the Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste, anglers to feel comfortable: in Tambor / Mal Pais, there are professional supplier of sport fishing.

Cheap fishing trips usually offer by local vendors. A good catch is almost guaranteed: Here cavort mahi mahi, bluefish, redfish, and tuna. In some restaurants in Mal Pais and Santa Teresa can be to prepare the self-caught fish and then eat them for dinner.

 For freshwater fishing, the Lake Arenal is perfect, and there you will find Guapote Machacha.

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